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What We Do?

We keep your social networks and websites up to date.


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Seems, it’s easy to manage social networking and websites, but in practice it is specialized
Because you do not want to decorate them, you really want to use them to attract the audience or the customer.
We want the same for you,
We keep up-to-date the content of your social network and website, with photos, text, and videos related to your business, so you will get busy soon 🙂

Our Services


– Change the text and pictures
– Create and manage emails
– Raise the number of visitors
– Design banners
– Add and subtract sections
– Providing traffic reports

Digital Marketing

– Google Ad
– Facebook boost
– Instagram promote
– Real followers
– Email marketing
– Multimedia
– Survey

Social networks

– Upload related images with
attractive texts
– Creating video and animated promotional and motivational
– Permanent update and audience enhancement
– Respond to messages

How we calculate prices?

• Website $49.5 weekly
• Tweeter  $39 weekly
• Instagram / Facebook $69.5 weekly
• Linkedin $39 weekly   • Pinterest $39 weekly
• All socials media & website $99.5 weekly

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Tel: +64 027 224 1620
Address: Auckland, New Zealand

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